Stay connected to what matters most.

Severe weather and power outages happen. And we know it can be frustrating when that interrupts your Xfinity service. That’s why we work to get you connected as quickly as possible. Our technicians go out into the field as soon as it is safe. But there are a few things you can do to be prepared for any potential service interruptions — please see the tips below for more information on how to prepare to stay connected.

Tips to get prepared:

Get familiar with My Account

Check for outages, contact our care team and check the status of a service call with My Account – it's simple, easy and fast. Just download the Xfinity My Account app or access the app right from X1.

Download the Xfinity WiFi Hotspots app

Internet down? You can quickly locate and connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspots when you need them most.

Download the Xfinity Stream app

With the Stream app, you can view live TV, get weather updates and even download shows and movies to watch offline in case you lose power.

Protect your devices with a surge protector

Plug your TV, modem and cable box into a surge protector to protect them from damage in case of lightning or a sudden power outage.

Reminders about your phone from Xfinity Mobile

We know your phone is a key resource for you, your family and your network to stay connected and informed during a storm or other unplanned event. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your devices and spare batteries charged, and have car chargers on hand in case of evacuation.
  • Keep your mobile devices, batteries, and chargers dry through protective accessories and store them in a dry, accessible location.
  • Make sure all of your emergency contact numbers and emails are programmed into your phone.
  • Download weather, news and safety-related apps onto your devices to stay informed in the event of a storm.
  • Use your phone or tablet to catalogue any household items and valuables for possible insurance claims.

Using your phone during a storm:

  1. 1 Forward your home phone number to your mobile number so that all emergency calls reach you.
  2. 2 During the storm, text instead of calling—texts require fewer network resources.
  3. 3 Remember that you can use your mobile device as a personal hotspot to Internet-enable your other devices.

Think you have a service outage?

First things first — check My Account to see your status.

What should I do if my Xfinity service is down?

If your service does go down, check My Account first to see if there's an outage. If it shows an outage for your address, there is no need to call. If My Account does not show an outage, please let us know so we can alert our technicians. As we work to get everything repaired, you may notice some temporary service interruptions while technicians work to get all the connections restored.

What if my power is out?

A power outage may impact your Xfinity services. If the power is out, your local utility provider will need to restore power before your Xfinity services can be restored. Power must first be restored to both your home - and to the local Xfinity network serving your neighborhood - before our technicians can begin work to restore your Xfinity services. Following that, we’ll work as quickly as we can to safely get your services back up and running.

My home has power, but my Xfinity services still aren’t working. Why?

It is possible that you may have power in your home but the Xfinity network serving your neighborhood may be damaged or without power, preventing your Xfinity services from working at this time.

Once the power is restored in my home, how can I get my Xfinity services back up and running?

If power has been restored to your home and you are still experiencing service interruptions, you may need to reset your modem or router.

  1. Unplug your equipment from its power source.
  2. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Plug your equipment back into the power source.

You can also use Xfinity My Account or the My Account app to reboot your equipment.

For additional tips on how you can prepare your home and family for a major storm, please visit Weather Ready Nation.